4 Braids to Try:


Braids are one of the hottest hair trends and seen on catwalks all over the world during fashion week. From the basic braid seen at Valentino in Paris to the crown braids at Alice + Olivia in New York, braids are the “it” hairstyle you have to try right now.

No matter what braid you’re trying to do, there are five things you should always keep in mind: 

1. Brush your hair before you braid. Remove any knots before you start to make braiding smoother and easier.

2. Use a mirror but don’t rely on it. I find it helps to use a mirror when you start the braid but it can make it more confusing. It’s best to work by feel and then tidy up any loose sections at the end.

3. If you have fine, soft hair, use products like dry shampoo or sea salt sprays to add more grip to your hair.

4. If you have thick, coarse hair, use a serum to smooth your hair to achieve neater braids.

5. Stretch out your braids. This is the most important step! Pull gently at the sides of your braids to make them look wider. This emphasizes the shape of the braid and makes your hair look thicker too.

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